Industrial/Sensing EPI Wafers
Parameter Pump laser EPI wafer 3D sensing laser EPI wafer Gas sensor laser EPI wafer Other
Power >30W
2W-80W 10mW-500mW
Wavelength 7xx~9xx nm 905nm/940 nm 1392nm/1580nm/1653nm 6xx nm/810nm
Size 3inch/4inch/6inch 4inch/6inch 2inch/3inch 3inch/4inch
Description The industrial/sensing epitaxial wafers of Epihouse are mainly included GaAs-based 905/940nm VCSEL lasers and 650-980nm FP lasers. The reflector of the VCSEL laser is composed of hundreds of layers of epitaxial growth by two materials with different refractive indexes alternately stacked, called Bragg reflector (DBR). The resonant cavity is located in the middle of the epitaxial layer, and the light is emitted from the surface of the epitaxial wafer. VCSEL has the characteristics of round spot, small divergence angle, low threshold current, and array integration. It is widely used in optical sensing fields such as mobile phone 3D sensing facial recognition, industrial robots, and automotive unmanned lidar. GaAs-based FP lasers are mainly used for automotive lidar (905 FP), fiber laser pump source (808/915/976 FP), laser hair removal (810 FP), laser display (650 FP), etc.