Laser products
Parameter DFB EPI Wafers EML EPI Wafers FP EPI Wafers













GPON, XGPON, XGSPON, BIDI (including Ridge and BH processes)
Grating process (holographic grating, electron beam exposure, nanoimprint)
Small divergence angle
Provide a separate secondary extension service

SAG and Butt joint process

Small divergence angle

Description There are three type semiconductor laser epitaxial wafers provide by Epihouse: DFB, EML and FP, wavelengths from 1270nm to 1610nm, are applied to CWDM/DWDM, BIDI, EPON, GPON, XGPON, XGSPON and others optical fiber communication area. The DFB epitaxial wafers are equipped  AlGaInAs and InGaAsP multiple quantum well. The grating technology are included holographic grating, nano-imprint and electron beam exposure, which can well meet the requirements of different kinds of products. The EML epitaxial wafer are integrated DFB laser and electrically modulated absorption area (EA), the characteristics of EML epitaxial wafer are high bandwidth, low chirp, high modulated extinction ratio and compact structures. The electro-modulation absorption zone is equipped the selective area growth process (SAG) and the butt-joint growth process. In addition, Epihouse also has small divergence angle DFB epitaxial wafer solution, buried heterojunction (BH-DFB) epitaxial growth solution, butt passive waveguide epitaxial growth process, semi-insulating restriction (InP:Fe) epitaxial wafer solution, etc., to meet requirement of high-speed chip manufacturing.
Detector products
Parameter APD EPI Wafers PIN EPI Wafers MPD EPI Wafers
Rate 2.5G/10G/25G


Size 2inch/3inch/4inch



Feature Zn diffusion process

Low dark current

Zn diffusion process

Description There are three type semiconductor photo-detector epitaxial wafers provide by Epihouse: APD, PIN and MPD, wavelengths from 650nm-1700nm, are applied to GPON, XGPON, and XGSPON. The working principle of PD is (1) the PN junction of photo-detector be formed a built-in electric field; (2) light is injected into the semiconductor to create electron-hole pairs, under the action of electric field, PN junction is made directional photocurrent ; (3) the photocurrent is derived as the output signal. Photo-detector usually need high sensitivity, high response rate, low dark current and high reliability. APD be used by the avalanche multiplication effect to amplify the received photocurrent and improve detection sensitivity. The PD and APD photo-detector products of Epihouse have been in stable mass production for many years, and can provide customers with Zn diffusion services.